Are you entrepreneurial and are up for a challenge?

We are a small team with a broad vision and are currently developing four projects;


  1. SDG Acceleration: Research carried out by McKinsey and One Family shows that at the current pace of progress, the SDGs will be achieved in 2070. One Family believes that with collaboration this pace can be greatly accelerated and therefore we have invited around 100 of the world’s most innovative social entrepreneurs and their associates to join forces to create more impact in a shorter time scale. We are looking for an intern who can help us connect some of the world's most prominent change makers.

  2. One Shared School:This project was created by kids for kids and links schools in the global South with schools in the North. Our pilot is connecting schools in the Netherlands with schools in India www.onesharedschools.org. We are looking for an intern who can take this online project to the next level to help provide quality education for all kids in the world. A tech savvy candidate is preferable but not necessary.

  3. TorontoLine:The global movement of child helplines must adopt 21stcentury technology to triple the amount of contacts they can reach out and help in the coming years. Together with helplines, Child Helpline Internationaland Tech Matters we are developing an open source platform that will enable kids to use social media, chat, messaging and a full range of communication methods in 170 countries around the globe. We are looking for an intern who has a heart for the child protection movement.

  4. Embrace Europe: a positive integration project, consisting of a media campaign promoting peaceful co-existence in Europe. This campaign is led by migrants.  We are looking for an intern, preferably with an ethnic minority background who is interested in our European integration project and has an interest in assisting with social media, media, PR and events



The internship would allow the right candidate to gain experience in a diverse range of tasks and develop new skills. Additionally, they would have the opportunity to work with leading social entrepreneurs in a fast-paced start-up global environment.


If you possess a “go getter” mentality, have attained, or are working on, a master’s degree in a subject related to our objectives, can think out of the box and are hard working and entrepreneurial this is the perfect job!


The working language is English but Dutch language skills are preferable for the Embrace Europe project.

We are looking for someone who can commit full time and start as soon as possible.


We are based in Amsterdam and have a small, young team. If this sounds like an interesting opportunity, please send your CV and a cover letter, highlighting why you are interested and are the right candidate for this internship, to Paula Conaghan at p.conaghan@onefamilyfoundation.one


Unfortunately there are no remuneration costs available.

Duration: minimum 6 months

Language: English – C1, Dutch – C1 is preferable but not essential.

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