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 We are looking for:


Are you entrepreneurial and are up for a challenge?

   We are a small team with a broad vision and are offering the following opportunities to support Catalyst 2030:

Job Opportunities

  • Membership & Engagement Facilitator: The candidate is an entrepreneurial, creative and successful networker and network facilitator. You are a strategic thinker and can turn your strategies into workable processes and policies. You are confident and proactive with 10-12 years of experience and have experience in managing diverse teams and being part of a management team. This role requires collaboration with the Catalyst 2030 network and all of the working groups, so you will need to be able to engage key stakeholders to work towards common goals within a complex international structure. In addition, you have excellent communication and English language skills, and both written and spoken and fluency in at least one of the other 6 official UN languages. You are familiar with and able to coordinate between several MIS tools and platforms including Salesforce and ZoHo. You are ordered and timely in your work. You will report to the Chief Facilitator.

Unpaid Internships


  • Collaborations Intern: The Collaborations Team is responsible for facilitating member activity to drive policy and advocacy shifts that enable structural and systemic change. It also facilitates partnerships with external organisations to leverage that change. Our work is driven, in large part by the Issue-based Groups (IBGs) that we coordinate and support. These are led by our members.

  • Communications Intern: The Communications Team is currently recruiting for a communications intern to help coordinating a variety of initiatives that are commencing around the World as part of this movement such as working on the communication strategy and outreach, develop processes and strategies for generating content that captures Catalyst 2030's work and vision, assist in producing and editing up-to-date media content for OFF social media such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter, identify the weaknesses of the website in terms of technical innovations keywords, content, and suggest solutions to these problems and more.

  • Fundraising and Development Intern: The Donor Relation Team is recruiting for an intern to help with fundraising and development for the movement. This person will build on solid foundations and grow our network of donors from across the world and will have an interest in development and fundraising for a movement of changemakers helping to get the world on course to a more sustainable future. We are looking for somebody who is task orientated, eager and ready to jump into our team and support. You will have the ability to carry out desk research and assimilate information from a variety of sources to form a picture of potential partners.  These prospects, once identified and qualified, will build our pipeline of potential new donors who could support the movement. You should be collaborative in your approach and possess confidence to bring ideas and solutions to the table.


  • Membership intern: The Catalyst 2030 Membership Team is responsible for building and maintaining the movement, identifying potential members for Catalyst 2030 and facilitating their active participation. We are focused on streamlining the membership application and onboarding process and on shifting consciousness to embody Catalyst 2030’s values in the community.

  • Policy Intern: The Catalyst 2030 Innovations Team is responsible for shifting the dominant culture and paradigms working closely with government and civil society to enable structural and systemic change. We are focused on changing consciousness by shifting norms away from a focus on individuality to a belief that individual and community prosperity can be achieved with the same action.

  • Systems Change Learning Intern: The Systems Change Learning Working Group recognises the complexity of systems change that requires new mental models, ​​cultures, tools, processes and organising approaches. It was established this year to stimulate an on-going evolution of a learning ecosystem from and for social innovators. Our primary goal is to provide rich opportunities for shared learning and create a collective learning community to inform best practices. The Working Group brings together academics and social entrepreneurs to promote a sustainable culture of systems change, while advancing research, informing curricular offerings, and influencing practice, education, and policies.

If any of these sound like an interesting opportunity, please send your CV and a cover letter, highlighting why you are interested and are the right candidate for this internship, to Yvonne Moholt at

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