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Catalyst 2030


Catalyst 2030 is a global collaborative multi-stakeholder movement initiated by leading

social entrepreneurs from Ashoka, Echoing Green, Schwab Foundation,

Skoll Foundation and others from some of the most prestigious global networks of social

entrepreneurs. One Family Foundation is proud to be a part of the founding membership.

The group is now rapidly expanding to include governments, funders, bilaterals,

multilaterals, and other intermediaries from across the globe.

Catalyst 2030 members have come together to considerably accelerate progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals by radically transforming the social sector to be supportive of systems change and by driving systems change on a country level. Together, the aim is to drive a significant dent in the climate crisis, the reduction of poverty, and to leave a lasting and positive impact on the lives of many millions of people.

For more information on Catalyst 2030 and how to join the movement,

please visit the site 

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New Report Launched on 19 January 2021

Catalyst 2030 strategy meeting

In the second week of February 2020, the first stakeholder's strategy meeting took place. Throughout the week, social entrepreneurs and world-wide intermediaries held the inaugural meeting of Catalyst 2030. Its principal aim is to accelerate collective progress in order to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. One, three and ten year goals have already been established; to reach them, we will keep on working.​


Updated information and data will be available soon. We are looking forward to sharing our advances and attainments!

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