How can my organisation have more impact? How can we reach out to more beneficiaries?


One Family Foundation has the know-how and the proven tack record to advise you on how to create strategies that can help grow your organisation and increase your impact.


At this time, we are working with 4 organisations to assist in taking them to scale. If you want to know more about how you can take your organisation to scale, please contact us.


Buzzwomen are on a mission to make low-income women the drivers of prosperity – for their own selves, for their families, and for their communities.


To this moment, Buzzwomen has trained 100,000 women in financial management, business skills and leadership; helped 95,000 women to get out of moneylender trap; and empowered them to start 20,000 new businesses. 

The Sea Ranger Service is the world’s first maritime ranger service. As a social enterprise, it builds specially designed sailing work ships and employed navy veterans to train (partly unemployed) youths during an intense bootcamp, to become Sea Rangers. Afterwards we select 12 Sea Rangers per ship who, after extensive maritime training, are deployed to assist nations in managing Marine Protect Areas, marine research and conservation of historic shipwrecks as cultural heritage.


Million Sparks Foundation is a non-profit organization that has developed a mobile application “ChalkLit” to provide continuous capacity building to teachers, educators and school leaders at a global scale. At the moment, ChakLit has served 100,000 teachers and 7,200,000 students across 6 different nations. 


ChalkLit supports multi-state, multi-national contents, and offer training in multiple languages. It also provides a social network allowing educators to broaden knowledge to deliver relevant and latest inputs to students. 


It allows state education departments and other NGOs to upload content and run their programs and services in a completely online or blended mode. It provides detailed analytics and user insights to allow complete control.


Deedmob is an online volunteering platform connecting volunteers, charities, companies, and government institutions to increase collaboration and maximize social impact.


Deedmob believes volunteering is the “eureka!” to tackle social issues, especially youth unemployment, the aging population, divisions in society and unsustainable business practices. The platform also incorporates new technology into the process to attract and catch up with the new wave of youth. In their words, “to make doing good easy and more social for individuals”. With the network of 1000+ charitable organizations and more than 850,000 volunteers, Deedmob is the largest volunteer platform in the Netherlands and looking to expand further to all of Europe. 


War Child is an organization that helps to provide protection, education, and is an advocate of change for the better life of children within conflict zones. 


Wherever children are caught up in wars—whether they’ve lost their homes, families, schools, or been forced to take part in atrocities—War Child makes it their mission to do what they can to help


Started with a mobile bakery that provided thousand loaves of bread everyday, War Child has evolved into many sustainable projects that improve the long-term outcomes for the most vulnerable and marginalized children in conflict areas.

In 2018 so far, the charity has worked with children affected by war in 9 countries and reached 123,000 children. 

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