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  • Jeroo Billimoria

Our People, Our Planet - Our Economy

We keep talking about the economic downturn, growth, capitalism, socialism, communism but dwelling on these ‘isms’, has, in turn, made us forget what matters. It is the people who make the economy and the planet from which we live and breathe. So if we really, really want to be able to build an equitable society and well-being for all, we need to stop talking about isms. We need to put the two most important things at the centre of all decision-making; we as people and our planet.

In this blog, I am talking about two key concepts: The People and Planet economy( PPE) and The Social  Innovation sector( SI). 

Instead of having a predefined theory, I invite us all to collaborate, create, and shape the economy we desire for the world and the planet we envision.

This blog serves as a platform for all of us to share our dreams and collectively build our world and planet. It is an evolution of concepts and with each blog, I will introduce a new concept based on my conceptual understanding of the sector. We will explore these concepts, co-creating solutions that can positively impact our people, our planet, and our economy. I encourage you to join in this collaboration to co-create our social innovation sector today. 

What is the PPE?

People and Planet Economy (PPE) is a concept that establishes a values-based economy, prioritising people and the planet at the centre of all actions i.e. shifting away from I to We, my property to our planet, and working towards what truly matters - our people and planet. 

Who is a social innovator?

A social innovator is a community-based individual who is actively engaged in co-creating innovative solutions with the community and key stakeholders. They take decisive actions to create opportunities for others, empowering them to become catalysts of change. 

What is the Social Innovation Sector?

The  Social Innovation Sector (SIS) functions as the institutionalised layer of support such as government policies and financing mechanisms that facilitates the scaling up of impacts by social innovators, or what I like to call the “ container” (overarching framework) that houses all activities and individuals who are dedicated to improving the quality of life for every individual in the world, ultimately contributing to the prosperity of our planet.

This blog is for all of us to share our dreams and build the world we want and deserve. Every week, I will share a new blog on concepts for discussion and collaboration. Together, we can create the framework we want for the world and envision the planet we aspire to create.

Watch the space for next week's blog on the social innovation sector so stay tuned!

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29 gen

This initiative resonates deeply with the need to prioritize people and the planet over ideologies. By fostering collaboration and innovation through the People and Planet Economy and the Social Innovation Sector, we can collectively work towards a better world. Looking forward to seeing the positive impacts of this endeavor!

Mi piace

29 gen

This is just the beginning of what matters

Mi piace

28 gen

I agree that a lot of our society is focussed on the wrong "isms". Looking forward to seeing your viewpoints on shifting the focus to people.

Mi piace
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