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One Family Foundation aims to initiate positive change in the world through partnership and shared change - incubating diverse projects and facilitating projects to scale globally. 

The core philosophy of One Family: Shared Change. 

We believe that sharing is caring!

Please note, that we do not facilitate grants or any other kind of financial support - our role is purely advisory

We Create Change Through...


Imagining change is the seed of making change happen. Our incubation projects are the ideas of shared change we facilitate to fruition. Once up and running, the project will either become an independent organisation or be handed over to one of our partners to take forward.


We have the expertise and a proven track record in taking projects and organisations to scale and are currently working with a number of established organisations to help grow their role in bringing the change to the world that is so greatly needed. 

Catalyst 2022 Review Report

Catalyst 2030 Update

Catalyst 2030's 2022 Review is published
Report: Get updated on activities and impact of Catalyst 2030's community of social innovators and allies. Click here to view.

Podcast: Creating Systems Change 
Cynthia Rayner and Jeroo Billimoria, Chief Facilitator at Catalyst 2030, join Katell Le Goulven to explore the complex dynamic of system change. Click here to listen.

Catalyst 2030 Awards: Register to attend
Nominations were processed and finalists were selected. Join us online as we celebrate the finalists and winners, live from Spencer House, London, 8 November 2023 3pm GMT.


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