Enabling the number of children and youth reached by child helplines to triple by utilising technology

TorontoLine will consist of online tech platforms capable of bringing the benefits of modern information technology to the child helpline movement and enabling them to better serve children, youth and their partners. It will build an open tech platform for the global child helpline movement to unify their communications with children in need, collect accurate information about these interactions, and allow the movement to triple the number of children it helps each year.


By developing an integrated contact response system incorporating voice calls, chat, messaging and social media and collecting better data, helplines will be able to greatly improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their services and reduce costs. The platform will facilitate data collection and provide new insights and new ideas derived from machine learning to better assist children and youth in crisis as well as influence policy and funding.

At the International Consultation of child helplines (IC) in Toronto, the results and data collection concerning the use of technology by helplines were presented. The survey concluded that there was an overall request from helplines for an integrated shared platform that includes: integrated response, referral and partner feedback, data management and analysis, and outreach. After Toronto, a steering committee was created to take the platform forward following four conference calls.

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