Catalyst 2030 is a collection of social entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, corporations, independent individuals, civil societies and governments, who have all come together in an effort to answer a simple question with a very complicated answer:


How can we ensure the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are met by 2030?


This is a very ambitious goal which Catalyst 2030 hopes to achieve through systemic change implemented at a governmental level, a detailed information network allowing for governments and social entrepreneurs to approach each other for advice on specific issues, and the greatest pooling of resources dedicated to Sustainable Development ever assembled under one movement. The task ahead is immense in its scope. At the current rate of progress the Sustainable development goals will not be reached until 2094, six and a half decades too late. Some goals , such as eliminating poverty or hunger seem insurmountable. Others such as responsible consumption and production are actually getting worse over time, not better.


Nevertheless, Catalyst 2030 is confident that with enough global support the right people in the right places can literally make a world of difference. This is the main goal they intend to achieve, getting the right people, the funding, information, support and ability to go where they need to go and do what they need to do. Many of the social entrepreneurs involved have already seen great success on an individual scale. Catalyst 2030 aims to replicate that success and scale it up a thousand fold.


That is how we will achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

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