One Family began operations in the summer of 2018 as a small family foundation with big ambitions. Our open door policy and collaborative working methods have quickly led to high network individuals, organizations and social entrepreneurs joining forces with us to create a network enhancing and growing impact across all regions of the globe. 

One Family and our many partners aim at solving the social issues which we feel can change the world for the better. We strongly believe that collaboration is the key to bringing about a more equitable world for all citizens and especially the most vulnerable. 

We create change through:

Incubating projects. The foundation operates as a social innovation incubator. Imagining change is the seed of making change happen. Our incubation projects are the ideas of shared change we facilitate to fruition. Once up and running, the project will either become an independent organisation or be handed over to one of our partners to take forward.

Scaling up. We have the expertise and a proven track record in taking projects and organizations to scale and are currently working with a number of established organization to help grow their role in bringing the change to the world that is so greatly needed.

More information about our current incubation and scale-up projects can be found below.

Would you like to know more about what we do or would you like to take your project to scale? Please contact us

Incubation Projects - impacting the world through collaboration



Sharing resources towards global quality education


Embracing an all inclusive Europe


Using technology for global child protection and tripling the number of children and youth reached


Collaborative effort of social entrepreneurs to accelerate the SDGs.


How can my organisation have more impact? How can we reach out to more beneficiaries?


One Family Foundation has the know-how and the proven tack record to advise you on how to create strategies that can help grow your organisation and increase your impact.


At this time, we are working with 5 organisations to assist in taking them to scale. If you want to know more about how you can take your organisation to scale, please contact us.


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