One Shared School

One Family Foundation believes that sharing is caring! If children across the world could talk to each other, they would share a joke, share their pictures and tell stories about their lives. In this way they get to understand each other’s cultures and become global citizens in the true sense of the word as well! Sometimes we do not even need to travel across the globe to experience these differences, but just go from one part of
our cities to another.

Children are inquisitive, love to learn and share experiences and technology has made it possible to do this across our cities, countries and across the globe. Through, web-based technology, social media, automated language translation, webinars etc, we can break down traditional barriers and get children and youth to discuss and learn from each other. One shared school aims at a shared world, which includes sharing education, sharing blackboards, whiteboards, books, pens, toys and clothing.

One Family Foundation is presently in the process of developing the Schools Sharing Website, a safe environment where children can get in contact with their peers around the globe and share their wealth, their wealth of ideas, education and culture. Shared schools seeks to ensure a quality education for all by 2025.

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