Technology is developing at an incredible pace, with the fourth industrial revolution taking shape around us, we must respond and make use of the opportunities these developments offer to bring about desired change.

Child helplines, child protection systems and agencies have now been responding to children in need of care and protection for decades. Many are presently developing and using new technological innovations to help reach yet more children and youth, but some still do not have the means to do so. One Family Foundation is bringing together a diverse stakeholder’s group that will head up the challenge of developing a platform for all child protection agencies and helplines.

The desired system aims at integrating social media, an online self-reporting system and helpline response system into one global platform to reach all children and youth who are reaching out for help. In addition, the global data recorded by the application can be gathered and analyzed for reporting on child abuse and protection, providing a major source of global data for agencies in the field of child protection.

We are requesting social media, software companies and the likes, to share their technologies and their R&D team’s know-how with us to take child protection to the next level. We have so far had an overwhelming response and hope to have a prototype to pilot in the second half of 2019.

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If you would like to donate and / or be part of this project, please contact us.