Collaborative Systems Change
Collaborative systems change is an approach to transparently mobilize a diverse set of actors in order to collectively imagine and create positive, systemic change. This change can occur in existing systems, or it can be used to create new, more inclusive systems where they do not exist otherwise.

Collaborative systems change the dominant paradigm for development, which focuses on top-down solutions implemented through hierarchical institutions. Rather, collaborative systems change that there is no one big answer to complex problems, but rather that you do not have to work in harmony that culminate in widespread adoption or new ways of thinking and doing.

Collaborative systems change organisations are “honest brokers” who build networks of investors, with integrity, move forward and common agenda to tackle persistent, large-scale social problems. As a collaborative systems change foundation, we will incubate projects that embrace this strategy at the core of their implementation.

Five Tactics for Collaborative Systems Change Brokers

• Convene: The first task of brokering collaborative systems is the process of co-creation. Collaborative systems change brokers seek to bring in all voices, regardless of power or size, and provide shared spaces for understanding and collaboration.

• Connect: The collaborative systems change broker has a strong eye on the system and who is working in complementary ways. Brokers also act as central repositories of knowledge, providing materials and resources that guide and inspire actors towards the ultimate goal.

• Co-Create:The collaborative systems change broker helps to co-create an overall strategy towards a “North Star” goal, a seemingly unattainable goal that motivates a group or various actors to work together. The broker also co-creates programming at national and local levels, always emphasizing that partners ‘and stakeholders’ ownership over their own change efforts.

• Celebrate: Traditional change efforts save celebration to the end of the process; collaborative systems change brokers use this powerful social tool, not just celebrate milestones, but the process itself. Brokers or collaborative social change create ongoing celebratory activities-such as award ceremonies and customary events that move the process forward and keep participants motivated and involved.

• Calibrate: Collaborative systems change involves many different change efforts, adapted to various contexts, happening concurrently. Collaborative systems change brokers therefore play a vital role in supporting efforts to improve the impact of change efforts.