One Family Foundation aims to initiate positive change in the world through incubating various projects

We believe:
The world is one family and we seek to create partnerships, both large and small in order to work together towards a peaceful coexistence and initiate the change that is so greatly needed in the world. By working together, we can easily multiply our efforts and scale up projects, gathering momentum to take them global.

Sharing is at the core of all the projects. We see shared change as the absolute basic principle to carry our projects forward.

Technology is at the core of all our projects. Technology is developing at an incredible pace, with the fourth industrial revolution taking shape around us, we must respond and make use of the opportunities

Therefore, we embrace collaborative systems change. This approach assists us in transparently mobilizing a diverse set of stakeholders in order to collectively imagine and create positive, systemic change. This can occur in existing systems, or it can be used to create new, more inclusive systems where they do not exist otherwise

Open invitation:
We realize that we can never do this alone and therefore seek partners on all levels, literally bundling efforts, ensuring the change is systematic, transparent, bottom-up and embedded. Anyone with a project that follows these basic principles is welcome to present their project or support one of ours at One Family Foundation.